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Domonique Orange Commits to the Cyclones

Big time get for the Cyclones

On the eve of signing day, the Cyclones added a significant member to their 2022 class. Domonique Orange, a 6’4” 300 lb defensive lineman from Kansas City, Mo, pledged his commitment via Twitter Tuesday morning.

Rated as the 16th best player in Missouri and the 67th best DT in the country, this is a huge pickup for a unit that has seen a lot of turnover the past few seasons, especially with the departure of Enyi Ewazurike in the middle.

He was highly sought after, picking up 20 other offers from the likes of Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon and Texas A&M. His final four consisted of Texas A&M, Oregon, Ohio State, and Iowa State. That, folks, is quite a list.

According to Michael Swain at 24/7, Iowa State was one of the first programs to offer him, as he camped at Iowa State in the summer of 2019. Eli Rasheed and Nate Scheelhaase served as the primary recruiters.


Stay tuned to WRNL for more updates as we get closer to tomorrow’s signing day deadline.