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Litecast: Cyclone State-ment and Transfer Portal Madness

We run this state!

It’s a 2 man episode this week as Austin and Dylan discuss Iowa State’s dominant wins in both the men’s and women’s CyHawk games. We start on the women’s side, as we were impressed by the team effort with Ashley Joens struggling. Hilton also made a huge impact with the stands full. As for the men, there was plenty to celebrate. We recap Izaiah Brockington’s continued excellence, a possible player comp for Tyrese Hunter, and how enjoyable it is to win with defense.

Iowa State had some entrants to the transfer portal, but we aren’t super concerned. College football in 2021 is wild. We also discuss some of Texas’ activities and the Quinn Ewers transfer. Lastly, ‘tis the season as we roast some of the worst Christmas music out there. Thanks to our sponsor Es Tas Bar & Grill! Cyclone State!