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The Mid Morning Dump: Happy Signing Day

The stars of tomorrow sign papers today

Recruits Iowa State has flipped outside linebacker Tommy Hamann. The Clones also landed big DT out of Kansas City Dominique Orange in a memorable commitment announcement.

Bowl Game Uni’s The equipment team posted the cheez-it bowl patches being attached to red jerseys, followed by white helmets now with a red face-mask.

Congrats To Charlie Kolar and Andrew Mevis for being named 3rd team Phil Steele All American.

Signing Day Today the future stars make it official.

G.O.A.T. Steph Curry broke Ray Allen’s 3 point shooting record and cemented his spot as the greatest shooter of all time.

Shaqtin a Fool Shaq wears a wig while on TNT in an attempt to hide the fact that he walked into an exit sign.

Yikes Women’s Basketball team Georgia Southern stomps College Carver in one of the biggest margins in the history of the sport.

Durant bullies Bayless Kevin Durant hilariously responded to a tweet of Skip Bayless’ calling him the best player in the league.