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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Urban Meyer Experiment

I am shocked this didn’t work.

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BREECE THE BEAST Iowa State’s stud running back was named a consensus All-American for the 2nd straight year.

FLEX Iowa State’s game against Kansas State has been flexed to a 3 pm tip on ESPNU.

LLLLLLLLLLET IT RAIN The Twister Sisters currently lead the nation in threes.

CYNING DAY! Yesterday was early signing day.

COACH PRIME Jackson State flips the #1 recruit from Florida State.

SWING AND A MISS Urban Meyer has been relieved of his duties in Jacksonville, and boy was this whole thing a massive screw-up.

JUST HOW THEY DREW IT UP The Pelicans and Thunder had one of the wildest endings you’ll ever see.

CALLED GAME Austin Reeves had a less impressive (but still impressive) game-winner last night.

ICYMI Steph Curry broke the all-time 3 pointer record, check out how it all went down.