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The Mid-Morning Dump: Finally, Some Good Thursday Night Football

Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill made playoff fantasy owners very happy last night.

RECORDS BEWARE Will McDonald gives 3 reasons as to why he’ll be returning for his senior season.

THREE MORE TO GO Iowa State currently leads the Cy-Hawk series with women’s tennis, gymnastics and softball yet to play.

ONE OF THE GREATS Happy birthday from us to you Jeff!

WONT BE THE LAST TIME The Mahomes vs Herbert division games are going to be amazing for the next decade.

YOU’RE AN ANGRY ELF Baker wasn’t too pleased after the Browns were recently struck with the Covid hammer.

A WILD RIDE I’m not even sure how he was able to fit ten moments into such a short amount of time, but here’s Urban Meyer’s 10 worst moments of his Jags tenure.

ITS ABOUT TIME Apparently all he needed to do was embarrass some G-Leaguers to get back to the NBA.

VINCENT JACKSON UPDATE The former NFL WR has been diagnosed with stage 2 CTE.

NEXT MAN UP Kenny Pickett opts out of Pitt’s biggest bowl game since 2005.