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The Mid-Morning Dump: I think we’re in the clear?

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Momma we made it.

SEEMS LIKE FOREVER AWAY Iowa State announces their 2022 football schedule.

WE STAY KING(S) The Cyclones pick up Tre King from Georgetown, who could potentially play January 1st.

7-0 Coach Otz and the gang improve to 7-0 with a win against Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

LIONS DOWN BAD Their coach called a timeout to make his players run some sprints.

STARTING TO THINK WE’RE FINE Marcus Freeman is expected to be the next Notre Dame coach, so we got that going for us which is nice.

PRAYERS UP FOR JP! Jamie Pollard announces he has testicular cancer.

NOT GREAT BOB The MLB will institute a lockout for the first time since 1995.

FOR THE CULTURE Duncan Robinson ends his streak of games with a 3 pointer at 69.

UTAH VALLEY WHO!? The Wolverines take down 12th-ranked BYU.