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The Mid-Morning Dump: Talk to Your Kids about the Top 10 Cyclones

Your 11-0 Cyclones, folks

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DOWN GOES SOUTHEAST LOUISANA. Easy victory for the Cyclones to get to 11-0.

JAZZY ON THE GRILL. Caleb Grill and Jazz Kunc have been absolutely crucial for this Cyclone team.

1OO BURGER AND 3 POINT RECORD TIE. Just another day at the office for the Twister Sisters.

WIN IN A SMALL GYM. Kevin Dresser picked up win #200 at Iowa State in a dual match against Purdue in Humboldt, Iowa.

BREECE TO NFL. The Cyclone RB will also skip the bowl game.

X GON GIVE IT TO YA IN 2022. Xavier Hutchinson will return for the 2022 season.


BRADY SHUT OUT. For the first time in 15 years.

BROWNS USING PRACTICE SQUAD QB. Whole lot of Covid goin’ on.

INJURED BUCS. A pair of Tampa Bay wide outs went down with injuries.

URBAN MEYER HAS NO REGERTS. He says that, but we all know that he does.


NO OLYMPIC HOCKEY? The NHL is leaning towards not participating in Beijing.

TACK ON ANOTHER ONE FOR THE PORTAL. Casey Thompson is in the transfer portal.

MOAR PORTAL. Bo Nix is headed to Oregon.

BAILEY ZAPPS NCAA RECORDS. Western Kentucky QB Bailey Zappe broke 2 NCAA passing records on Saturday.

OFFICIATING NOT THE CURE. MAC officials are outraged at some questionable late-game officiating.