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Litecast: Breece’s Farewell and Football Season Superlatives

What’s next for #28 at Iowa State?

On this week’s Litecast we cover the news that Breece Hall is opting out of the Cheez-It Bowl to prepare for the NFL Draft. With his Iowa State career officially over that gave us the chance to reminisce on his best games as a Cyclone. We also attempted to answer the question of what Iowa State should do with the #28 going forward. There are a few options worth exploring for sure.

Next, we look back at the regular season and hand out our superlatives for topics such as best play, worst play, offensive MVP, defensive MVP, favorite Texas loss and so much more! Last but not least, we go through some of the weirdest moments in the last week of the NBA and finish off 2021 with a Hawks-Mavs trade update. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring!