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The Mid-Morning Dump: This Article is in Health and Safety Protocol

I Just Want to Watch Sports

ROCKIN BROCK Izaiah Brockington continues to rack up weekly awards.

SOUTH AMES Iowa State fans should be familiar with Orlando by now, but if you find yourself in Florida go check this out.

FUN IN THE SUN Clemson and Iowa State took in the sights of Orlando yesterday.

BOWLMAS Another bowl game is in question as COVID breakouts spread through college football

ASSUME Matt Nagy has the longest leash in the history of professional football
A UNICORN? What is a Chet Holmgren? Spoiler, we don’t know

2021 TOP MOMENTS A look back on an… unprecedented year in sports

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK I’m a little late here, but I will be moving pretty close to Principal Park this spring. So I’ll be buying one of these hats with the new I-Cubs logo and adopting them as my hometown team… as if I care about baseball.