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The Mid-Morning Dump: Someone Check on The Thunder

The OKC Thunder lost by a thousand last night, don’t check my math.

WHOLESOME ALERT Not only home to some of the best fans in the country, but also people. #PollardStrong

BUMP IN THE ROAD Check out the highlights against a tough LSU team.

ON AND OFF THE FIELD Nine Cyclone teams lead the Big 12 with record setting graduation success rates.

IT’S TOO EASY AT THIS POINT Bring this man his Doak Walker award already.

CULTURE CHANGERS Despite some disappointing results ISU ends the year with the most All-Big 12 selections.

KEEP IT ROLLIN’ Men’s basketball looks to continue their undefeated season against Creighton this weekend.

WORSE THAN BAD If you have a loved one who is an OKC fan, give them a call today.

MAYBE WE WERE ALL WRONG When it comes to the BCS, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

PLAYOFF PUSH? It sounds like Notre Dame is going to rally behind their new head coach.

Also can somebody get that assistant coach a cough drop? Some OJ maybe?

THE WINDY CITY IS BACK The Bulls dynamic duo powered them to a win over the Knicks last night.

NOT SURPRISED 3rd string TE turned QB Taysom Hill wasn’t amazing against the Cowboys last night.