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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Orlando Bound Again

Also, talk to your kids about the 8-0 Cyclone Basketball Team

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CHEEEEEEEEEZE IT BOWL. Features Iowa State against Clemson.

IOWA STATE WINS ON THE ROAD. Big time road win for the Cyclones in Omaha Saturday night.

TYRESE HUNTER. Very good piece here on Tyrese Hunter from the ISD.

TWISTER SISTERS WIN AGAIN. And put up 94 in a home win against Longwood.

CYHAWK DUAL. Iowa won again.

BRANDS FAMILY ASSHATTERY. Boy are these two coaches shit heads.

OPT-OUT NEWS. The football coaching staff should have it soon.

CAMPBELL AND DABO. Nice article on their relationship here.



GONZAGA DIDN’T WANT BAMA. But they sure got them, falling to the Tide in Seattle.

VENABLES TO OKLAHOMA. Seems like a good hire for the Sooners.

CBB POWER RANKINGS. Hint: Iowa State is in them.

QUINN EWERS TO TRANSFER. Big surprise from the Ohio State QB.

RANKING BOWL GAMES. There are 42 of them and all are important.

NEWS YEAR SIX BOWLS PREVIEW. Ranking them from 1-6.

NFL WINNERS AND LOSERS. The Vikings are the losers.

NFL PLAYOFF PICTURE. It is shaping up quickly.

CHEIFS WIN AGAIN. But Mahomes is still poo-poo stinky.

BASEBALL LOCKOUT. Is just what this sport needed.