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Litecast: Hot Takes for Cold Temps

There’s something for everyone in this episode.

It’s freezing outside but Austin, Jared, and Dylan are bringing the fire to keep warm. We start off with the news of the week that Matt Campbell’s contract was once again extended. At this point, we must be ready to put to bed fears of him moving on, right? And are we ready to bury the hatchet with Kirk Herbstreit for his famous 2017 tweets? One of us is, the others are not.

The men’s basketball team has given some reasons for optimism, as we break down the close losses to West Virginia and Oklahoma. Jared’s Chiefs may have lost the Super Bowl, but hopefully you listeners took our advice on props and made some money. The Nets looked unbeatable against the Clippers, and are putting the NBA’s COVID protocols in the spotlight again. Jared gives us a history lesson and Austin owns up to a great regret from his time as an Iowa State student. Last but not least, the Bachelor rolls on, and Austin and Dylan break down the latest episode.