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The Mid-Morning Dump: DMo Scared Us All

I thought the Bears were dumb for a second.

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NATIONAL RECOGNITION The NCAA gives the Jack Trice story a shoutout.

BRIDGET CARLTON CO-AUTHOR The former Cyclone standout wrote her first book “Woman for the Win”.

DAVID MONTGOMERY TRADED? Likely maybe probably not, more details from WRNL coming soon.

BULLS ARE SO BACK Zach Lavine and Coby White had themselves a night.

LET ER EAT TOM When you win 7 of these things, you stop caring about whether it could fall to the bottom of the ocean.

FEELIN’ IT Tom had fun yesterday.

IS THIS HEAVEN? The NCAA Tournament schedule was released and that 9 o’clock slate is goin’ stupid goin’ crazy.

ALMOST THERE Get hyped for some NCAA tourney basketball with 5 players to watch for the big dance.