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The Mid-Morning Dump: Next Season’s Victims

2021 football is now officially primed to be predicted beyond any healthy measure.

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BRING IT ON Don’t even think about making other plans during any of these games.

Could another College Gameday be coming to Ames?

NEVER FORGET Jack Trice’s story is one of great significance in American history.

IF YOU DIDN’T NOTICE Men’s basketball lost again, in not so graceful fashion to Kansas.

SOFTBALL IS BACK After COVID brought last years season to an abrupt end, softball will be returning this weekend.

SPLASHING BY HIMSELF Steph Curry is having an MVP caliber season despite missing his splash brother sibling.

WHATEVER YOU SAY COACH Urban Meyer defended his hiring of Iowa’s most recent recipient of settlement payments.

CHANGE COMING TO SEATTLE? Russel Wilson and the Seahawks haven’t been to a conference title game since 2014, and has left their star QB wanting more.

THIS IS ART The Celtics and Raptors had the best sequence of basketball we might see all season long.