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We’re adding a “new” section to the Mid-Morning Dump

Well, sort of.

If you attended Iowa State anytime from the 2000s to the early 2010s and picked up a copy of the Iowa State Daily at any point, you’re probably familiar with the section formerly known as “Just Sayin’.” As we’re covered in the past, the much-beloved section was unceremoniously retired in February of 2012. You can read about the incident in further detail in the linked article from our “100 Things Cyclone Fans Need to Forget Before They Die” series.

As a fun way to spice up the offseason and the Mid-Morning Dump, we’re going to be adding the spiritual successor of Just Sayin’ to the dump in the form of a new section called “Off the Record.”

This section will be a place for people to anonymously deliver a short sentence or two about anything they want to say, whether it be a hot take, an embarrassing story, a funny quip, or really anything at all. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you’ll definitely pick up the general gist of things after reading a few, or you can peruse archived editions of the Daily online.

To start out, we’ll pick out a handful of our favorites a couple of times per week and publish them in the Mid-Morning Dump. If we get enough submissions, we may even do it more often in the future.

You’re free to submit anything you like, but obviously, we’ll be filtering out anything particularly unsavory or political in nature. We want to recreate the fun part of “Just Sayin” without running into the issues that got it canceled from the Daily.

With all that said, our first “Off the Record” submissions will be in next Tuesday’s MMD, so keep an eye out for that.

If you’d like to submit anything to the “Off the Record” section, you can make your submissions in the below Google Form, or you can email them to widerightnattylite at gmail dot com. We’ll never put anyone’s name in the section, but obviously we’d still be able to see your name when you send the emai, so if you really don’t want anyone to know it was from you, then we’d suggest using the Google Form.