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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Awful weekend performance from the ISU men’s team

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DARK BOTTOM. What more can be said that hasn’t been already?

TIME FOR A CHANGE. There. We said it.

TRIPLE TIME. The Lady Cyclones continue to rain down threes.

A WIN AND A LOSS. It was a mixed bag for the wrastlers on senior day.

DRESSER REACTS. Here’s what he had to say following the meet.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? What an odd and unusual Daytona 500.

FINAL LAP CRASH. Doomed Brad Keselowski and his teammate Joey Lagano.

THE DIRTY BERGER. Daniel Berger had himself a weekend at Pebble Beach.

SPIETH STRUGGLING. Let it be a lesson to other young pros.

DAVIS STRAINS ACHILLES. Doesn’t sound great for the Lake Show.