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Iowa State falls at Oklahoma State, 76-58

Iowa State has not won a basketball since before Christmas.

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Iowa State The Register-USA TODAY NETWORK

We’re going to keep this short and sweet. If you didn’t catch Iowa State’s 3 PM CT tipoff against Oklahoma State, nobody would blame you at all. In fact, you may have not even known there was a game today at all. However, it didn’t matter, because this game was just like nearly all of them this season.

The other team takes an early lead, and Iowa State turns the ball over a thousand times before taking a double-digit deficit to the locker room at halftime. In the second half, the Cyclones go through a brief stint where a few shots fall and they grab a few rebounds, bringing it back to just a few possessions. However, the comeback is futile as the undoubtedly superior opposing team re-enters the game and pulls away at the end.

With just four games left to play including the tournament, the team is no longer showing any real signs of life, improvement, or hope. Unless we’re all reading the room incorrectly, it appears the Steve Prohm era at Iowa State is beginning to sputter out as it grinds to a final halt less than a month from now.