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Litecast: To Drake or Not To Drake?

Embrace debate! (Please don’t sue us, ESPN)

The Litecast returns to our freezing cold existence with a handful of pressing topics to cover. We start with a reaction to our piece on the site advocating for change in the men’s basketball program. We think it’s time, but that comes with some caution, as the team has a season to finish. On a lighter note, there’s nothing that WRNL does better than hold a grudge for the sake of grudges. We react to Matt’s enemies list and if Kirk Herbstreit is properly held to account for his Matt Campbell takes. There are a couple of big names not on the original list that needed further discussion. This episode also serves to answer a pressing question in Cyclone Nation: is it ok to be cheering for the 20-2 Drake Bulldogs? Not all of us are in agreement so naturally we needed to hash it out in debate court. Lastly, The Bachelor is down to the final four contenders, and this snooze of an episode needed a recap.