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The Mid-Morning Dump: Still Winless in the Big 12

Time is running out for the men’s basketball team to notch a conference win

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ANOTHER GAME, ANOTHER LOSS It didn’t take many words to sum up this one.

MORE ON THAT LOSS In case the start to your day wasn’t depressing enough, here’s more analysis on that loss. Here, too.

TWISTER SISTERS BACK IN ACTION The Cyclones look to earn their 12th straight win over Kansas on Wednesday.

ON THE LINKS The men’s golf team is tied for 15th (out of 24) after two rounds at The Prestige.

DOWN GOES NADAL Stefanos Tsitsipas upset Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open, rallying from two sets down to win.

IT’S THAT TIME Ladies and gentlemen, start your fantasy baseball engines!

NEVER TOO EARLY Take a look at the impact Trevor Lawrence may have in Jacksonville, and vice versa.

DECENT PROPOSAL We leave you with the below. Enjoy, and happy Wednesday!