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The Mid-Morning Dump: Courtside Karen

NBA Twitter is BACK

WE’RE BETTER THAN VILLANOVA Not in basketball, but in winning over their safeties. Jaquan Amos is headed to Ames.

COMBINE SEASON Draft combine that is, a familiar face will be working out in front of NFL scouts.

DIAPER DANDY Kylie-I never spell her last name right on the first try-Feuerbach, wins Big 12 freshman of the week, putting up great stats in a couple of close games.

COURTSIDE KAREN LeBron apparently was part of the reason an Atlanta Hawks fan was asked to leave the building. (Twitter really had quite the night last night, in peak performance)

JAR LAR GOES HOLLYWOOD Jared Larson out here representing the Sigourney News Review.

REAL ONES DO REAL THINGS Harrison Barnes going to North Carolina makes me sad because Iowa State missed out on a great talent, and an ever better human. He’s still very active in the Ames community, and is just a wonderful role model.

TALKIN’ ROSES Thinking about the guy at work who was so bored, that he read last week’s article in its entirety, here’s to hoping they’ve kept your interest.

LUKA DONBRICK If you know me, you know I think Luka Doncic is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Here’s what happens when you don’t switch on a last second play @LAClippers

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Here is, what I presume, was the song for Mr. and Mrs. Carlos’ first dance in Hotlanta.