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The Mid-Morning Dump: Rough Cyclone Sports Weekend

Basketball is just not fun right now

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SOME MAGIC? While the outcome wasn’t a win, did Hilton Magic make a reappearance on Saturday?

QUOTES FOLLOWING THE LOSS. Check out what was said here.

GOING THROUGH IT. The young Cyclone Women are doing just that.


BROOMFIELD CHECKS THE BOXES. The culture Matt Campbell has established makes Broomfield a perfect fit.

RYAN SAUNDERS OUT. This move shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

DEON ROBBED. Literally, stuff was stolen during his first game as Jackson State’s head coach.

MAHOMES IS A FATHER. While Tom Brady is his daddy, Patrick Mahomes now has a child of his own.

WOODS UNSURE OF RETURN TO AUGUSTA. Tiger is determined to play in the Masters, but he has to get there first.

BIZARRE EJECTION. JJ Redick ejected during Pelicans dramatic comeback win.

SPEAKING OF EJECTIONS. Draymond is a clown and it cost his team.

MOCK ME LIKE A HURRICANE. It is NFL mock draft season, baby.

DOLPHINS IN ON WATSON. This trade situation is going to be crazy to watch unfold.