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The Mid-Morning Dump: Baylor Scares Me

Iowa State Might Lose By 60

HIDE YOUR EYES For $4.99 you can witness murder in the form of basketball on ESPN+ tonight.

I’M SORRY LEXI But also, you’re welcome? Since I called Donarski out for going 0-for in one of my game previews, she’s gone on an incredible run. She has a very bright future at Iowa State.

MINI VAN Georges Niang had one of the best games of his NBA career last night. 7-7 from deep, and even got Worldwide Wob to change his name.

THAT AIN’T IT MEEK Meek Mill came under fire for a lyric he had in a freestyle. He wrote it off as ‘Meek haters’, but now Vanessa Bryant chimes in.

BYE BYE BOOGIE It appears Boogie Cousins’ NBA career may becoming to an un-ceremonial end. The star center has never quite been the same since ankle injuries a few years ago.

RUH ROW LAKE SHOW Did MY Brooklyn Nets break the Lakers and LeBron? People are asking after the Lakers drop their third straight to the, checks notes, WASHINGTON WIZARDS

JULIUS “POTENTIAL ALL STAR” RANDLE I’m just as shocked as you, The Lakers got rid of him like he was a bust, and now he’s one of the most versatile forwards in the league. Take a closer look at his story, and his incredible play this year.

L-WOLVES The wolves have done a lot of losing lately, the new coach is hoping to change that.

TALKIN’ ROSES A yawner of an episode once we all saw Rachel’s rocky skydiving landing.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK A throwback of sorts, Bobby Shmurda is FREE. Someone get that man a Nets hat! Also this might be the biggest NSFW warning I’ve ever gave. Almost every lyric is explicit, listen with caution.