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The Mid-Morning Dump: Death, Taxes, ISU blows out West Virginia in Ames

Just a reminder that West Virginia hasn’t scored a touchdown in Ames in 861 days.

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SENIOR NIGHT DUB Iowa State picks up a big time win over the Mountaineers.

NEW NUMBAS The new ISU football players officially have numbers.

BIG TIME Iowa State assistant basketball coach Daniyal Robinson had a very productive offseasob.

SEC COY? Eric Musselman is becoming one of the hottest coaches in college basketball.

GOD ALMIGHTAY Roy Williams gives an ultimate sound byte after a reporter asks if he would have rather not played than lose.

LES MILES IN TROUBLE The KU football coach is being accused of sexual assault.

WHERE IN THE WORLD WILL JJ WATT GO? Here’s the latest on the 2-time DPOY journey through free agency.

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