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The Mid-Morning Dump: It’s a Great Time to be a Cyclone

The winning culture is spreading fast around campus.

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THREE HEADED MONSTER Counting the days until we see these 3 on the field again.

NEVER TOO EARLY Speaking of the football program we received some love in the form of preseason predictions.

DINGERS GALORE Iowa State Softball is off to its best start in school history, and it’s putting the rest of the Big 12 on notice.

THE GOOD OL’ DAYS The magic is still somewhere inside Hilton, and soon enough it will be found.

IVE SAID IT BEFORE AND ILL SAY IT AGAIN Tyrese Haliburton was the steal of the draft.

ON THE MOVE? Russel Wilson decided to join JJ Watt in the NFL free agency pandemonium

DEFINITELY ON THE MOVE Watson makes his intentions clear, again.

SHADE THROWN IN DENVER Jamal Murray took to twitter to display his frustrations after their last second meltdown.

GOOD GUY KYLER Kyler Murray helped out families in Texas during the aftermath of the winter storm in Texas.

TIME FOR A TITLE IN UTAH? The Jazz are sitting at the top of the NBA mountain as we get close to the All Star break, will this finally be the year they turn it into post season success?

Next week, we’ll officially start the “Off the Record” section in the Mid-Morning Dump. If you have any you’d like to submit, put them in the form below.

It should go without saying that if your submission contains anything particularly unsavory or offensive it will obviously not be published.