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Litecast: Basketball Status Check and Big Game Prop-a-Palooza

Jared got Mahomes to reminisce on 66-10.

After a bye week, the Litecast returns with a big rundown. Iowa State lost to Mississippi State by 39 points and the men’s basketball needs a reckoning. How does this get better? What can Coach Steve Prohm do? Is he the guy to bring us back? With about 5 weeks of games left, we’re waiting for some optimism. But it’s not all bad news. The Big Game (or the Super Bowl if you are reading this and don’t work for the NFL) is this Sunday. Find out who the guys are picking to win, but most importantly, how will they wager on the many, many available prop bets. Key ones to cover include national anthem length, halftime show, and of course, color of the Gatorade shower. From there comes a side conversation about favorite Gatorade flavors and some unexpected nostalgia for All Sport. Last but not least, we’re halfway through the Bachelor season. The bullying in the house is out of control, and it’s time for Matt James to mix it up. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill as always for sponsoring this podcast!