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The Mid-Afternoon Dump: Super Bowl Monday

Well, who saw that coming?

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OUT OF TIME. The team is at full strength and healthy, and it’s time to start winning.

BREAK THROUGH. Even though the losses have piled up, the team is determined.

WRASTLIN’. The Cyclones defeated NDSU and SDSU over the weekend.

FRESH FRESHMEN. Absolutely dominated Texas Tech for the Twister Sisters.

TOMPA BAY. The Buccaneers absolutely dominated Kansas City in the Super Bowl.

DIVERSITY MATTERS. Big win for both Byron Leftwich and Todd Boles.

MAHOMES. Just suffered the worst loss of his young career.

VINTAGE GRONK. We got two Gronk spikes in one game.

SUPER TROLL JOB. From Antione Winfield Jr. on Tyreke Hill.

OFFENSIVE LINE. The Chiefs was offensive Sunday night.

TWITTER AT IT AGAIN. Rough night for Bill Belichek on social media.

EARLY NFL POWER RANKINGS. Is it time for this crap already.

RIP PEDRO. Pedro Gomez passed away at 58.

JAYHAWKS OUT OF TOP 25. For the first time since the Wedding at Cana.