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The Mid-Morning Dump: C.R.E.A.M

Matt Campbell Aint Going Anywhere

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BACK UP THE BRINKS TRUCK Matt Campbell signed the dotted line on an extension until 2028.

LET’S SEE THEM QUOTE TWEETS Twitter was understandably all types of jacked up, I’ll play the hits. Up first, Dr. Larry baits all of OU twitter.

This next one a tale of two Kirks. Herbstreit gave us an olive branch, we returned the favor with nuclear war missiles (rightfully so)

And thennnnn....

Try again next year, Donnie

And finally, the king of all long snappers, and friend of the program, just needed one emoji

ALSO, BASKETBALL? I’ll pass but if you’re into it, Iowa State plays a shooty hoops game today.

GOAT TALK LeBron’s thoughts on Brady. I don’t know why this is noteworthy, but it’s ESPN so, yeah.

IF YOU NEED A COACH... Three coordinators that coached in the ‘big game’ (don’t kill me Roger Goodell) should be at the top of the list of coaching candidates.

RIP COACH SCHOTTENHEIMER A great last name, and even a greater coach died over night.

ALL THAT JAZZ Georges Niang and company are red hot. The Jazz have the best record in the NBA, but are they number one in the power rankings?

THE STRIPES The officiating crew came under fire in the ‘big game’, but what else led into the blowout loss for the seemingly unbeatable Chiefs

WE LOVE KATIE Katie had been a revelation of sorts during the early drama and mean girls of The Bachelor, she was sent packing last night. Hopefully, she’ll bless our screens again.

YIKES The Raptors may be looking to move another beloved cornerstone, I don’t think they’re getting Kawhi in return this time

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Wu-Tang Clan, Staten Island’s greatest export.