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Litecast: Catching Up With Steven Wirtel

Plus, which Iowa State jerseys are ready to be retired?

It’s another loaded episode of the Litecast as Austin, Jared, and Dylan break down the conference tournaments they are most looking forward to this week. It starts in the Big 12 with some predictions that are certain to be wrong. We’re also keeping an eye on the mid-major tournaments (shoutout to the MEAC). With the jersey retirement debate heating up again, we ask the important questions. Namely, if you could retire 2 of Georges Niang, Melvin Ejim, and Monte Morris, which 2 would you choose? This naturally leads to Jared reaching further into Cyclone history for some others worth revisiting. In the NBA, the Nets signed Blake Griffin, and the team refuses to stop providing us with content.

After that, it’s time to catch up with former Iowa State long snapper Steven Wirtel for a return appearance on the pod. We talk about his first year in the NFL, signing with the LA Rams, how the league’s COVID protocols really worked, and how he was able to keep up with Iowa State throughout the year. Maybe Adrian Peterson is a secret Iowa State fan after all. It’s a great interview, and as always we are thankful to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring us.