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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tourney Time... Again

Women’s Basketball looks to do what the men couldn’t today, last more than one round.

TWISTER SISTERS The Cyclones will face off against Texas in the first round of the Women’s Big 12 Tourney today, and you can read the preview by our own Aiden Wyatt.

THE GRIND DOESN’T STOP The boys have been putting in their hours this offseason.

HEADED SOUTH Women’s softball heads to Missouri looking to bolster their best start to a season in program history.

CHAMPIONSHIP TIME Men’s indoor track and field will have their fair shot at several National Titles.

THATS A BOLD STRATEGY COTTON The Chiefs released two starting offensive lineman in hopes of getting under the cap.

HERE COMES THE BOOM Another bold strategy, trying to block Zion Williamson at the rim.

COULD IT HAPPEN AGAIN? Sports statistics have to be the strangest of any statistic out there.

EASY ON THE EYES Catch every single goal from Matchweek 27 in the Premier League.

THIS IS AWKWARD I wonder how many Iowa fans are seething at the sight of yellow and black jerseys being worn without their permission.

CHANGE OF HEART It appears the new Texans head coach is warming up to the Idea of Deshaun Watson finding a new home.