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The Mid-Morning Dump: Justice For Troy

Troy Was Robbed, Bamboozled, and Hoodwinked!

BRING ON THE AGGIES The Twister Sisters survive and advance and will face an old Big 12 foe in the second round.

FLIPS N SHIZ Iowa State qualified for regionals in Alabama.

TRANSFER CITY In what feels like a ‘store closing, everything must go sale’ another player is transferring out of Iowa State

ROTY WATCH LaMelo Ball is out for the season, and Tyrese is looking to capitalize sooner rather than later. He put up a career high 28 last night.

BAMBOOZLED To put it simply MY Troy Trojans got screwed. If it wasn’t the over and back call, there was a bad tripping foul, and a terrible block/charge in the last two minutes. Unreal. (Iowa State plays A&M now)

RESEEDING THE SWEET 16 Here’s who you need to look out for in the second weekend.

STONKS Here’s a look at some winners and losers of the second round. To summarize, winner: Mustaches, loser: My bracket.

THE QUESTION OF JOHN COLLINS No doubt a super talented young modern NBA big man. The question is, who’s willing to pay him for it?

ELGIN BAYLOR Perhaps the first timeless talent, you could put Elgin in the modern NBA and he’d be an all-star. A look back on an incredible life, and the best basketball player to never win a championship.

TALKIN’ ORAL Roberts that is, the Golden Eagles are the second 15 seed ever to make the sweet 16.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK DMX gets the people going, plain and simple. X gon give it to ya.