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The Early Afternoon Dump: NBA Trade Deadline Madness

This managed to be the most eventful yet uneventful trade deadline ever.

LISTEN WHILE IT’S HOT WRNL had one of the biggest names on campus on the podcast for your listening pleasure.

CUFF EM BOYS Tyrese Haliburton committed a federal crime on the court last night.

Get that guy a map.

FIRST WORDS We got to hear from coach Otz speaking to the squad he will be leading next season.

GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER There will be a Cyclone reunion in Salt Lake City.

HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE Softball plays their home opener against #1 Oklahoma today.

STRESSFUL DAY Teams across the NBA got BUSY yesterday.

UP TO SPEED Oladipo to the Heat, Aaron Gordon to the Nuggets, Vucevic to Bulls and every other trade that happened yesterday.

THE REAL QUESTION In the busiest day in deadline history, who won?

BIG DIESEL This looks a lot like how Zion Williamson bullied high schoolers, instead Shaq was doing it to college students.