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The Mid-Morning Dump: Rising Star Tyrese Haliburton

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A big honor for the former Cyclone.

BIG OL’ WIN The Twister Sisters had no issues with Kansas in the regular season finale.

CASHLEY JOENS The junior guard was named a finalist for the Cheryl Miller Award.

SLAMMIN’ SAMI Sami Williams picks up her second straight Big 12 Player of the Week nod.

RISING STAR TYRESE HALIBURTON Hali will play in the Rising Stars Game!

YOU SEEN THE WEIGHT ROOM? Dave Andrews is doing something right in his first full offseason with the ISU football program.

CYCLONE LARRY’S BETTING CORNER Want a betting consultant? Larry is probably not your guy.

SIT DOWN SHAQ Candace Parker explains to Shaq what defense is like in the NBA nowadays.

5-2 REPORTERS DON’T KNOW BASKETBALL Jim Boeheim thanks reporters for giving him some coaching advice.

CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK We’ve almost made it to the most wonderful time of the year, here’s everything you need to know about every conference tournament.