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Cyclones Fall Short in Lubbock, 81-54

Straight up not having a good time.

Iowa State v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The Cyclones travel to Lubbock to take on the 18th ranked Red Raiders in a conference matchup that had some conference seeding implications...for Texas Tech. Iowa State hasn’t won since December and Texas Tech looks to gain some momentum before their game against Baylor on Saturday. Cyclones, without Rasir Bolton, in gold uniforms with cardinal trim, Red Raiders in their home whites.

The first 4 minutes saw very little offense between the teams, which is maybe for the best for us? I don’t know, as long as they don’t score, we can’t get blown out right? This is Texas Tech’s game though, they like to win on defense. Iowa State started just 2 for 10 from the field, which is not good, for those of you that haven’t watched basketball in a while. The under-12 timeout hits with the Cyclones trailing, 18-7.

At least they just mentioned our ranked wrestling and gymnastics program. SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING ABOUT OUR RANKED SOFTBALL TEAM! I mean, head coach Jamie Pinkerton has something special going with ISU. A 13-2 start is the best in school history, and Sami Williams has been doing her best Kent Murphy impression with 9 yard shots while batting .468, unreal. Williams is also the two-time defending Big 12 Player of the Week. Elite.

Oh hey! The ball went in the hoop! All of a sudden we’ve made three shots in a row, don’t let us get hot. A scoring surge by the fighting Steve Prohms has them within 8 at the break, 35-27.

The second half starts with each teams trading blows, with Texas Tech eventually building their lead back up to double digits. Tyler Harris hits a three from damn near Dallas to get the deficit back to 9, but back to back to back layups has the Red Raiders back up by 15 at the under-12 timeout. 5 Red Raiders now in double digits. They are now talking about Big 12 baseball. Pain. At least we have wrestling! Ian Parker, David Carr, and Gannon Gremmel all picked up No. 1 seeds for the upcoming Big 12 tournament, with Okie State being the team favorites. The Cowboys are ranked 6th in the country, ISU ranked 13th, respectively. Kevin Dresser and company have had a lot of success recently at the Big 12s, and are anticipated to continue that trend this weekend in Tulsa. Roll ‘Clones baby.

The hoopy throwy contest went from bad to worse for the Cyclones, all of a sudden the Whirlybirds are down 20. 30, Oof. Uh the Cyclones lose by a bunch. The end.