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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mike Rose is the Best Athlete from Ohio

Even better than that guy from Akron.

AWARD SZN Mike Rose receives a huge honor from his home state.

IT IS WHAT IT IS I’m mostly numb to it at this point.

TOURNAMENT TIME ISU women’s softball looks to improve off their red hot start to the season in Arlington.

DO A FLIP! Gymnastics heads to across state lines to Illinois to compete hoping to replicate their seasons best performance they had last time out.

NEW OPPONENTS Women’s Volleyball made some schedule changes for next week.

ALL STAR TEAMS CHOSEN If I was a betting man, which I am, my money is on team Lebron.

BACK AND FORTH Bucks get the last laugh after two clutch shots from both sides.

NOT GOING ANYWHERE The Steelers decide to resign Big Ben for 2021 after incredibly average season.

DECISIONS TO BE MADE IN CHICAGO Every team needs a quarterback to find success, but the Bears REALLY need a quarterback.

MVP SLEEPER Damien Lillard has been producing night after night for the Blazers which is putting him into the top ranks of NBA talent.

WHAT WOULD YOU BAN? Should WRNL get into Competitive Farming Esports?

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