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The Mid-Morning Dump: Oral Roberts?

My Bunnies Lose In The Semi-Finals

BIG 12 TOURNEY Iowa State limps into the tournament. Here’s a look at what’s worth watching.

CONFERENCE AWARDS Rasir Bolton was awarded 3rd team All Big-12, while Jalen Coleman-Lands recieved an honorable mention.

TWISTER SISTERS Now for a game the Cyclones could actually win. Iowa State will play 5 seed Texas on Friday in the first round.

MY BUNNIES The Jacks lost a heartbreaker to Oral freaking Bob, and probably saw their tournament chances leave with it. BOX OUT DOUGLAS WILSON! PUT YOUR BUTT INTO THTAT GUY, C’MON MAN.

LES MILES, MO PROBLEMS Kansas head coach, Les Miles, has been relieved of his duties after allegations have risen of sexual misconduct from his time at LSU.

DAK GOT PAID Dak Prescott inked a ‘UGE deal to retain QB1 on America’s team.

ALL STAR DAY To the dismay of some players, All Star ‘weekend’ happened, but at least the proceeds went to a great cause.

IGNITE Jalen Green would’ve likely been the biggest thing in college basketball this year, instead he’s lighting it up against near NBA competition in the G-League.

TALKIN’ ROSES YAWN. We’ve known for weeks who’s going to win. I couldn’t be less interested at this point.

THE CONTROL ROOM Here’s a great resource for the rest of conference championship week. 5 Finals toninght: Colonial, Horizon, Northeast, Summit, and the WCC. Let’s Ride.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Do the ditty if ya want to. This week we’re going with Paperboy, and an extremely catchy chorus.