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The Mid-Morning Dump: Huge Weekend for Cyclone Basketball

And we have a new Masters Champion!

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WHAT A WEEKEND. For Cyclone Basketball, says Uncle Randy, especially with regard to keeping Tyrese Hunter.

HUGE PICKUP. Minnesota transfer Gabe Kalscheur has picked the Cyclones.

COOKIN’ WITH GAS. Caleb Grill is back, folks!

SLOW STARTS. Brock Purdy says there is something to them.

MORE TO PROVE. Brock knows there is another level he can take his play to by eliminating risky throws.

SOFTBALL SWEPT. By the top 10 Texas Longhorns.

AGUSTA LESSONS. Here is what the 2021 Masters taught us.

MATSUYAMA WINS IT. What a monumental win for Hideki, Japan, and golf.

MASSAGE SITUATION. This article examines the two narratives surrounding the story.

WRESTLEMANIA RECAP. Check it out here.

AMAZING. North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwein threw a perfect game, striking out all 21 batters.

NHL TRADE DEADLINE. Check out the happenings here.

SO, UH, A-ROD IS BUYING THE TIMBERWOLVES? It sure looks like his ownership group is.

MLB UMPS GONNA MLB UMP. Check out the reaction to a horrible call at the end of the Braves-Phillies game.