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The Mid-Morning Dump: Revenge of the Band Nerds

I Accidentally Stabbed a Bee Hive Yesterday

KING OF CONTRAVERSEY I am public enemy number one at band camps this summer. (I still stand by all five of my points)

DANCING SHOES The Iowa State cheerleaders and dance crew showed out at Nationals.

NIT BOUND At least for the pre season, but hey, don’t count this team out to make the post season NIT tournament

CHEF CURRY Steph Curry is now the all time leading scorer for the Golden State Warriors, passing Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt set the record in 300 less games played for the Warriors.

GET WELL SOON To the red hot Denver Nuggets point guard, Jamal Murray. A silver lining though, Monte Morris should increase a big bump in minutes.

SEAN BLART MALL COACH The most crooked, fraudulent, flat out cheater in the NFL is getting a feel good movie. Can’t wait for the happy go lucky Broadway musical “Bountygate”

LOTTERY PICK From South Sudan, to a small town in Finland, to the bright lights of draft day. The incredible journey of Awak Kuier.

SLOT MACHINE Julian Edelman hangs up his cleats and retired yesterday.

GM CONNECTIONS How two GM’s of polar opposite payrolls have bonded over two decades.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK None other than the late great DMX. Reach out to your friends and family this week. It’s been a hard year, everyone is struggling. Love y’all.