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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Unstoppable Steph Curry

And Coach Otz stays winning on the recruiting trail.

K-U BELIEVE IT? Tristan Enaruna has officially left Kansas and committed to Iowa State.

ALMOST THERE Coach Otz’s year 1 roster overhaul is almost done.

PLAYOFFS? DON’T TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS! YOU KIDDING ME? Iowa State’s path to the CFP isn’t as crazy as it sounds. (ESPN+)

STEPH’S ON FIRE The Warriors’ star is on another level right now. He has taken the lead from Bradley Beal for the league scoring title.

ZION <3’S NY This one is best left to NBA Twitter to interpret. Maybe the Knicks will win the Zion lottery after all?

WHO CAN BLAME HIM? Check out the announcer for the Hornets calling dunks.

FEELING BLUE CJ Fredrick is leaving Iowa after 3 seasons, and is that bluegrass music I hear?

ONE AND DONE FACTORY The nation’s top basketball recruit, Chet Holmgren, is heading to the newest NBA factory.... Gonzaga??

PLEASE START HITTING Not even the Cubs’ opponents can make sense of how bad their offense is.

A NEW ERA Alex Bowman won his first NASCAR Cup race in the famed #48 on the same day Jimmie Johnson started his IndyCar career.