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Litecast: More Recruiting Wins, NBA Questions, and Talking Soccer

Iowa State hoops = Stonks, Iowa hoops = Not Stonks

TJ Otzelberger keeps on winning on the recruiting trail, as this week we discuss incoming freshman and Ames native Tamin Lipsey, plus Kansas transfer Tristan Enaruna committing. Matt has some fun with stats as we try to make sense of Enaruna’s stat line in limited minutes at KU. We also dip our toes in the transfer portal to see what else might be out there for the upcoming season.

Elsewhere, the Nets are crumbling with all their stars constantly being injured. The Nets Minute gave us a chance to deep dive on what’s been happening in the league this season. Is this the worst season ever? Do stats matter? Why is the league working against Luka Doncic with the play in tournament? Lastly, we play a game of In or Out covering NFL Draft QBs, spring games, and Joe Buck hosting Jeopardy. Matt gives us a rough explainer of the soccer Super League and maybe we’re ok with it?

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