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ICYMI: Night Cap Episodes 2 & 3 with Kyven Gadson and Josh Lenz

Check out the last couple episodes of The Night Cap!

Episode 2 with Kyven Gadson

We talked with former Iowa State wrestler Kyven Gadson about his 2015 NCAA Championship, his time at Iowa State, his partnership with the Iowa State Creamery, what he thinks about the current direction of the program, and what he’s up to now.

We also talked about his foundation, the Be Rare Initiative. Check them out at

Episode 3 with Josh Lenz

This week, we talked to former Iowa State receiver Josh Lenz. After confronting a homemade music video which rivals “Hooray for Ames!” in rewatchability, we talked about his career at Iowa State, his favorite games and moments, his journey in the NFL, and what advice he might give to players getting ready to turn pro that might go undrafted.

After talking with Josh, we discussed all of the new incoming basketball and football recruits, then answered some fan questions.