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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ladies and Gentleman, We Got Him

Who could it be? Next week’s guest on The Night Cap is a big one.

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RUN THROUGH A BRICK WALL SZN Football season can’t come soon enough.

BIG ‘CRUTE 4 star defensive end Mario Eugenio is set to make his visit to Ames.

ROBES ARE BACK! Officially news that Iowa State wrestling will wear the iconic robes.

REAL QB2 PLEASE STAND UP Who will be Iowa State’s backup quarterback this year?

GO CUBS GO Cubs ’er back after the Mets meltdown.

JUUUUUUST A BIT OUTSIDE The Twins blew a 2-run lead with two outs in the 10th due to some key errors.

SO CLOSE Joel Embiid nearly sends the 76ers to OT on a full court shot.

NEW YEAR NEW NFL RULES The NFL changed a few rules, including a jersey number rule.