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The Mid-Morning Dump: Draft Night Hangover

It pains me to say it but the Bears made the best move of the draft last night.

ITS BEAUTIFUL Try to compose yourselves when you see the Fiesta Bowl rings for the first time.

NEVER FORGET YOUR ROOT The Minivan caries the Cyclones wherever he goes.

ITS COMING Matt Campbell spoke about spring practice in his presser yesterday.

GET UP TO DATE Softball heads to Lubbock to face off against Texas Tech in a 3 game series.

GREAT RECOGNITION There’s a familiar face at #7 on ESPNs best women’s basketball players for next season.

NOT GREAT Aaron Rodgers reportedly wants nothing to do with Green Bay and isn’t planning on returning next season.

BIG MOVES The Bears moved up to get their guy.

WINNERS AND LOSERS See all of the highs and the lows from last night.

SIGN OF THINGS TO COME? Strut your stuff Mac.

LOOKIN’ GOOD This years prospects had some great looks and jewelry on display yesterday.

STAY POSITIVE If you weren't pleased with how your team drafted in the first round there is still plenty of talent available in round two.