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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hole in One

The Masters are happening! And things are happening at the Masters! Golf!

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VOLLEYBALL HONORS Eleanor Holthaus makes First Team All Big 12.

Including Candelaria Herrera who made All Big 12 second team.

PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS Safeties coach Deon Broomfield was interviewed on Wednesday and gave some great answers on the secondary.

RECRUITING TALK More information on Tyrese Hunters decision on whether he’ll commit to the Cyclones with Otz in charge.

KEEP IT GOING ISU Softball looks to build on their best season since the 70s against Texas this weekend.

MEET DAY The Men head south and the Women head less south to face Ole Miss and Drake today.

CANT MISS IT I know who I’m rooting for.

PUT ER’ THERE I tried to think of a Fleetwood Mac joke here but I just couldn’t.

GUIDE TO THE MASTERS Get up to date on everything scheduled today at Augusta.

WHICH IS BEST NBA prospects continue to prove there are multiple ways to get into the league.

WATCH YOUR HEAD Ayton tried to meet Kawhi at the rim and it didn’t go as planned.

WATCH YOUR FACE In the kids defense, I also hate time wasting in soccer just as much.

LEGEND Read through some of John Madden’s most iconic moments throughout his career in honor of his 85th birthday this weekend.