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Some of the best Twitter reactions to the McCaffery satire article

Our favorite reactions from an article that caused quite a stir


Rough night for Dick Weiss

And a rough day in Iowa City

Elite spin zone here

Hey now, we are a bastion of journalistic integrity

Must be Quinn’s first time around here

So much for having a little fun.

An exercise in sourcing

Connor himself weighed in on the subject

Notice this is not a confirmation or a denial. The speculation rolls on.


Coaching a son and tampering is pretty on brand for Coach Cal.

The situation continues to deteriorate in Iowa City

Taking the high road

Hawkeye Elvis remains a class act.

This is a rumor to refute?

That reminds me of the assists he compiled by tossing the ball to Luka Garza in the post. Easy as can be.

You know you did well when even Patrick Vint gives you kudos

One of us! One of us! One of us!

Iowa decided to get the lawyers involved

And Eric logged into Twitter and chose violence

Great original content here

And last but not least...

That’s awfully harsh. We’re working to confirm if this is Fran’s burner or not.