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The Mid-Morning Dump: Coach of the Year

Congrats to Boomer Saia!

BOOM-SHAKALAKA ISU women’s tennis coach Boomer Saia was named Big 12 coach of the year after the team posted its best winning percentage in over 40 years, and posted multiple school records.

THAT’S IMPRESSIVE Check out this list from 247 on the conference’s best football players

PAY YOUR BILLS Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre still owes the state of Mississippi $600k, according to authorities.

START THE BUS? After years of fruitless stadium discussions, the Oakland Athletics may be seeking opportunities elsewhere.

PART OF THE TEAM Ajax fans get to share in their team’s championship, even after not being able to watch them live all season.

HURRY UP AND GET HERE Week 1 of the NFL schedule was released this morning, with the full schedule set to be published this evening.