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The Mid-Morning Dump: Baseball or Hockey?

Iowa State will probably never have either, but it’s fun to argue about.

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EMBRACE DEBATE Forget money, what sport would you want Iowa State to add?

KIPTOOOOOOO Wesley Kipto had himself a weekend, earning a national honor.

GOAT Madi Williams has proven herself as the best softball player in ISU history.

SPEAKING OF Williams also became the Big 12’s all-time leader in hits this last weekend.

BARTA STRIKES AGAIN After hearing about Jamie Pollard speak about The Des Moines Register, Gary Barta also wanted to say something.

THE NIGHT CAP Last night we talked about all sorts of stuff, but we also introduced a new segment that allowed Levi and Matthias to use their own buzzer noises.

NO-NO For the 5th time this season, a no-hitter was thrown.

PLAY-IN SNOOZE FEST The Pacers whooped the Hornets, and the Celtics didn’t have any issues with the Wizards. Jayson Tatum had a 50 burger so that was cool I guess.

PLAYOFF HOCKEY Here’s everything you need to know from last night’s games, as well as tonight’s matchups.

TOO THICC? This headline speaks for itself.