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Jamie Pollard announced full stadium capacity and hillside seating for the 2021 season

Pack the Jack: BACK

Syndication: DesMoines Olivia Sun, Des Moines Register via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Last night during the Virtual Tailgate Tour, Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard announced that Jack Trice Stadium will be back at full capacity for the 2021 season.

“We are going to have a full stadium,” Pollard said. “I just saw a notice that came across today from Dr. Wintersteen that we have removed the mask restrictions from campus, and we’re back to 100 percent capacity for any events we’re doing on campus.”

This was expected news following the recent CDC recommendation that vaccinated people would not need to wear mask nor social distance in any situation, and that even unvaccinated people would only to take a fraction of the precautions many of us had gotten used to over the last year or so, but it was still great to hear those words said out loud from the man in charge.

Pollard even added another nugget that we might be seeing the largest crowds in the stadium’s history for nearly every game this season.

“Based on ticket sales, I think we’re going to have more than 100 percent capacity,” Pollard said.

If you’re wondering how Iowa State could have more than 100% capacity, hillside seating is not included in the listed capacity of 61,500. Iowa State has reported an attendance of 61,500 on eight occasions, with three of those coming in the 2019 season (the last season to have full attendance). I don’t know if Iowa State is allowed to claim attendance from the hillsides, but if they do, we may see a new record attendance north of 62,000 this fall.