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The Mid-Morning Dump: Matt Campbell turned down how much money?

One could make a living.

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LEGEND Bill Fennelly signed an extension to keep him in Ames through 2027.

I’M NO MATH MAGICIAN $68 million is a lot for a guy who has never coached the NFL, man am I glad Matt Campbell loves the Cyclones just as much as the Cyclones love Matt Campbell.

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN FIT INTO JACK TRICE? Jamie Pollard announced that there will be full capacity at the Jack next fall.

LIKE FLACCO Jamie Pinkerton is elite.

BIG SOFTBALL SHOWDOWN Not only does Iowa State have to face in-state foe UNI, Jamie Pollard now has a wager with UNI athletics director David Harris.

JULIOOOOO Falcons All-Pro receiver is now on the trading block.

TEBOW TIME Jacksonville has made the Tim Tebow signing official.

NO-NO-NO-NO For the second straight night, a no-hitter was thrown, this time by Yankees pitcher Corey Kluber.