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The Mid-Morning Dump: NIT Vibes

There will be more Cyclone fans than Nets fans in Brooklyn Nov. 24-26.

GET READY ISU will start next season against some high level programs.

BEST THERE IS Wesley Kiptoo receives Big12 honors.

LOOK AT OUR BOY The award is rigged if Tyrese doesn’t bring home ROY.

EXCELLENCE PERSONIFIED Anyone else smell a Heisman campaign in Purdy’s last season?

NO SURPRISES HERE Sami Williams doing what Sami Williams does.

BRODIE IS BALLIN’ The Wizards backcourt made magic happen.

HAVE MERCY At least they were good sports about DeGrom throwing hellfire at 20 year old's for 3 innings.

BRING TISSUES Tarron Jackson is someone we can all root for in this upcoming season for keeping his promise.

TIME FOR A CHANGE? The amount of no-hitters in the MLB this season could force the league to switch things up.

MONEY MOVES One of the worlds top talents could be on the move this summer.