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The Mid-Morning Dump: ESPN’s Newest 30 for 30

What if I told you...

BIG GAME TAE Monte Morris came up big for the Nuggets in a bounce back game that ties the series 1-1 headed to Portland.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nothing says ‘Slow News Day’ quite like me pinning a tweet of someone’s birthday. But Mike Rose is awesome, so please forgive me.

30 FOR 30 Apparently, I should’ve gone to more high school baseball games growing up. This looks electric. Looking forward to more details.

BLAKE OF THE YEAR Brooks Koepka held back very little during this leaked recording. Can’t say I blame him.

SHANNON SHARPE FAILED JOURNALISM SCHOOL This is a BIG no no. There is a very clear journalistic precedent to let the interviewee know they’re being recorded. This is why retired pro athletes instead of trained journalists isn’t always the best idea.

WE WERE ALL THINKING IT Kenny Mayne went out only a way he could. Best of luck to Kenny on whatever is next.

BUBBLE HEAT Miami’s success in last year’s post season is beginning to come under fire.

LAKERS PANIC BUTTON Anthony Davis had a rough game one against former number one overall pick, DeAndre Ayton.

DOESN’T LOOK IRISH Maine opted out of one of the best team names to go from the Redclaws to the Celtics... Looks more like a Greenclaw to me.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK A good week to let all of you’re loved ones know they’re loved. Don’t take time or health for granted, be good to each other.